Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring is here!

Here's a few pictures from fishing together with a few friends earlier this week.
In the morning the fish were cruising high, but nothing was hatching. We did see some flies floating by which might or might not be alder flies blown onto the water by accident. Even though there is some debate about whether or not these flies are on the trouts menu we gave it a shot anyway. I tied on a pattern that roughly fitted the ballpark and mimicked the struggle of the insect with a small twitch every now and then. As it turned out, this was a very successful tactic. The first two fish I caught made a bow wave in the surface and devoured the flies.
Even though it was a bright and sunny day there was a half hour when I caught the biggest fish of the day on a small black midge emerger during the sparsest of hatches. A 1,5kg fly that decided to tear of my whole flyline and quite a bit of backing. This doesn't happen very often on this water. The fish give you a nice fight, but this fish was very strong. One to remember and hopefully the first of many longlasting memories for the 2011 season.