Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I went out to my local troutwater on Saturday and had a realy nice time with Chris and we even caught some fish (five in total, between the two of us). Three of those fish were caught within 10 minutes during what you could call a hatch if it wasn't a big exaggeration of what was going on. 
Let's just say that the fish were actively feeding on the surface for half an hour tops.
Chris and I had a little chat about what to do between hatches. We, snobs as we are would rather not dig out the streamerbox so we decided on fishing attractors is much more fun.
So, sunday morning I decided I should stock on attractors and tied up a few classics.
The flies in the picture above are the famous Royal Wulf (bottom left) and Gary LaFontains Double Wing pattern (top right). There's actually a lot to tell about the double wing, which I will do some other time.

Oh yeah, sunday afternoon I went back to the water and tried to attract some of the resident rainbows.
But nothing much happened. A stiff breeze and an upcoming change of the weather (cold) probably put the fish down. In the end one fish devoured my hopper and broke me off.
It's all fishing.