Sunday, March 28, 2010

"So you don't..."

" you don't want my flies and you don't want my leaders 'cause there not up to your high standards...."
"Chris, you sound like a woman..."
"Oh Rudy, that's because I AM a woman!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun, clouds and rainbows

After a quick visit to one off my local spots to check for Ide, I had to rush to get my car the the garage in time.
I had made an appointment with a friend to go fishing in the afternoon.
Because the Ide weren't really on the move we agreed on visiting a clubwater nearby to try our luck there and see if we could hook up with some of the resident trout.

Morning Glory

Just a few pics to show you the reward for getting out of bed at an ungodly hour.
The water had rissen about 5 cm and the fish didn't show themselves this morning.
After this early morning quicky I had another appointment to go fishing with a friend in the afternoon.
More about that later....

Thursday, March 18, 2010


imagine this. Sunday morning. It’s early. At the first light of the new day a there’s someone standing at the waterside. It’s only been a few days since the ice and snow are gone and the first signs off a new season are showing. That certain someone at the waterside is me.
Me being happy that, after a winter of flytying, reading and dreaming about fishing, I can actually go and do this in the real world again.

I do this every year. I know the chances of early succes are slim, but still..
A chance is a possibility.
Even if I don’t  get to feel that familiar rush after the first hook-up it’s ok.
I love to be here,
Just me and a flask with some nice hot coffee.
I watch the water and see if there’s anybody there yet.
The fish that I am after is the Ide. The Ide is on the move early in the year on the road to its spawning ground.
I just emptied my cup and I’ve seen nothing so far, but decide to fish this spot blind before moving on.
The first few casts are a bit rusty, but I soon feel my muscles remember what I want them to do.
I make some more casts and after a while I even try a few fancy ones.
Today won’t be the day. The fish will be here soon though.
I reel in and walk back.
Just me, being happy.
It’s going to be a great season.