Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun, clouds and rainbows

After a quick visit to one off my local spots to check for Ide, I had to rush to get my car the the garage in time.
I had made an appointment with a friend to go fishing in the afternoon.
Because the Ide weren't really on the move we agreed on visiting a clubwater nearby to try our luck there and see if we could hook up with some of the resident trout.

We both fished from the floattube today for the whole afternoon. Pretty strange. Only a few weeks ago I was still ice-skating and now I was out with my oversized rubber-duck again.
The weather was good and the fish were showing themselves regularly.
I put on a chartreuse spoonfly to give this concoction its first spin.
After three casts I hooked a nice 4 pound fish and after that I had takes and pulls all afternoon.
I caught a few other fish, made some long-distance releases and had a very nice afternoon all together.I fished the whole afternoon with just this one fly. I never bothered changing it for something else and the fish didn't mind. It Won't be long before I can put the box with streamers away and fish for them with a dry fly.....


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