Friday, May 14, 2010

The Good the bad and....

I see a pattern in the tittles of the last few entries. Purely coincidental all these movie-tittles.
Anyway "Once upon a time in the East - part two" is a bit delayed because off some technical problems with the pics. Instead a few pics from todays outing together with Eddie, the handsome fellow in the green jacket you can see in the pics.
For those of you who didn't already know, the guy with the golf-jacket and the Nine Iron (yes, I even speak a bit of Golf !!!) is, well it's me...

Ok, todays story.
After being told by the staff of the pool  that dries had been pretty good. Eddie decided to be bold and fish with a a wet fly instead. He took a fish on his first or second cast...
For me the first fish came after a lot of fly-changing, tippet breaking and dodgy presentations. I heard Eddie telling me he was already beginning to doubt my ability. Well, so did I to be perfectly honest.
After lunch, things improved a bit and we both caught some more. Smallish, black and bushy were the key ingredients in the flies we've had success with today. That's pretty much it for now. Enjoy the pics!

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