Monday, May 17, 2010

Out for dinner

This afternoon I went out to get some dinner at my local stillwater. Well, I promised my girl to bring her a trout so she would have something nice to eat and be very proud at her man being a true rainbow warrior.
Now, making promises like this is dangerous;
a sure bet that you will have a very frustrating day because you know that no matter what excuse you come up with will be good enough to cover for the fact that you failed miserably. Well, most off the times, that's the way the story ends. But not today.
No sir, no. It all turned out rather nicely in the end.
As a matter of fact, I had the entire water to myself. There were some clouds and some sun, there was a nice ripple on the water and there were even fish rising.
Because there were quite a lot of midges coming off and I couldn't see clearly what the fish were taking I started out with a midge. Fish didn't want it. Tried all different kinds of flies and caught my first fish on a small mayfly-emerger. Because this was my dinner-fish I also checked what the fish had been eating. I found some very big damsel-nymphs, a few Bibio's, and loads and loads of very small beetles. But nothing in the fishes stomach showed even the vaguest similarity with my fly. After cleaning the fish a had a drink and something to eat and started theorizing. In the end I decided that all this might an example of a situation in which the importance of presentation is bigger than the fly of choice. Even though my fly didn't look like a small beetle or a Bibio, it sure sounded like one! I caught the fish after estimating where it would come up again after I had seen it rise a few times.
Almost as soon as the fly hit the water, the fish took. My fly had a small foam bubble on its back, which probably hit the water in a way similar to that of the beetles and Bibio's that end up on the water. Unfortunately the fish had ripped apart my fly and this was off course my last one.

After some digging in a few other boxes I found some flies that could be used as a bibio or a beetle and I fished on with those for the rest of the afternoon. I even caught fish on them too! The biggest one was about 1,5 kilo
and, even though I had made a long cast at it, it showed me my backing after its first run. That doesn't happen to me every day. I left the water today with a smile just about as big as the one my girl had when she saw her own personal rainbow warrior coming home with her dinner. Just like he said.
Mission accomplished. Life can be sweet.

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