Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pikefishing in Friesland

I got a little bit tired of casting these überheavy pikeflies all the time and tied and tried a big big Hollow Fleye suited to the occasion. I had one massive take on the fly and I am confident that it will catch its share of fish this season. It inspired me to make some variations of this fly during the next few weeks. Apart from the grizzle hackle (yeah, just couldn't help myself, had to tie in somezing stripy) it's all bucktail.


Auke Jongbloed said...

No need to throw big ass chicken like streamers... I love to tie my streamers with synthetic fibers like kinkyfiber and EP fibers. You can even combine natural and synthetic materials.

But I like to keep my streamers simple and to the point. No need for fancy bloating pikeflies.

With synthetic fibers you can even leave your #10 waving stick at home and bring a #7 or even a #6

Rudy said...

Hear Hear Auke, and thanks for your reply. I also use synthetics. Just thought I would show the world a few examples of what you can do with just plain old bucktail.