Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Small update

For those who didn't already know it I am in the proces of starting up a small business as a rodbuilder.

vanderMeer Flyrod design

All the official papers have been signed, mr. Taxman already send me a letter to say Hi an tell me how glad they are that I am going to make them some money. A website is in the making and I will be attending my first fair this Saturday at De Ronde Bleek in Sterksel. I will be showing my latest builds and give everyone who's interested a chance to cast the rods, ask questions etc. etc.
More info can be found here

Just had some fun casting an 8 ft. #3 as research for my next rodbuilding project (lets just call it operation creeks&small streams, to keep the theme going).
The rod I tested, is a CTS Affinity MX 8ft 3wt. I build (allmost) al my rods on CTS blanks. In my opinion they make some of the best blanks in the world. After a while making short cast, some presentation stuff and rollcasts I ended up distance-casting....
Completely pointless (that's not what this rod is meant for) but a lot of fun.

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