Monday, November 16, 2009

My new Toy

It took some patience and persistence but here it is: My new toy!!!
A CTS Affinity X 9ft. 8-weight. I bought the blank from Martin de Vries who lives nearby and imports the blanks into the Netherlands these days.
I've build a few other rods on CTS blanks and I was impressed with the quality and - being a typical dutchmen - the price.
Anyway, I decided that I would try and do something fancy with the grip this time, so I asked Martin if he could get me some burnt cork. It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but I am very happy with the way the grip looks.

Even though the weather was pretty bad today, I took the rod for a testdrive to a small stream not to far away. I tried the rod with the Guideline Coastal line and various pikeflies (Flashabou, bucktail, rabbit etc). My first impression is that the rod is a real powerhouse. It is very fast but yet still has feel. You can really feel the line and you cab cast loops with it that almost fit into a letterbox. You've guessed it: Me, I like it !!!! It is completely different from the other CTS rods I own, but I must say it is very very good.
Before this I owned a Sage XI2 nine-weight which I never managed to become good friends with. To be honest, there were days when it blew my mind in a positive way, but unfortunately that never happened when I used it for pikefishing.
Here's some pics. Enjoy! Write a comment and tell me what you think.


eddie_b said...

Nice rod Rudy, no pike?

Eat, Sleep, Fly fishing!

Robert said...

Lovely looking rod there mate!

I'm about to get myself a #7 Affinity X built up, can't bloody wait!

May I ask what reel seat that is? I like it...

Rob H

Rudy said...

The reel is a LOOP OPTI Runner. The one I have is a first generation Opti, these reels were made in a lovely darkblue color. The current line is in black. A word off warning: They're expensive... but for a tackle-tart like me, that didn't hold me back from wanting one;-)
Let me know what you think of the #7 when it's done. Maybe you post the link to your Blog.
Cheers, Rudy

Jan B. said...

Rudi your new built rod looks fantastic !
I'm looking forward to test it. May be we can built one together this coming year.
I wish you a big pike for a test case !