Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New kids on the Block

After last weeks poor catches I pulled out the floattube again today and went to the outskirts of a lake not to far away.
I was out with LW, who could do with a bit of fishing after a few months with other obligations. The spot we went to wasn't topnotch scnenery-wise but we had a fair chance of hooking up with a few resident pike.

After just 10 minutes of fishing LW was allready fighting his first pike. On my first cast after LW released his fish, I saw a swirl a few metres behind were my fly landed a second before. It only took a few strips before I felt a familiar thump It was a very nice pike which gave me a good fight. For some strange reason a part of the lyrics of a song from a while ago popped in my head.

`Don't cross our paths cause you're gonna get stopped
We ain't gonna give anybody any slack
And if you try to keep us down we're gonna come right back
cause we´re...
Hangin´ tough.
Hanging tough.

Well, something like that anyway...

Then LW hooked his second pike at the same time I was fighting mine.
Cool! That doesn´t happen every day. And the fun wasn´t over yet because not too long after that I caught another pike as well. And then the fun was over just as quickly as it started.

Oh yeah, and about that song. Remember "Hanging Tough" by the New Kids on the Block?
A word of advice cherish your memories of the days gone by and do not check it out on You Tube... I did.

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