Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday afternoon Quicky

Just came back from a Saturday afternoon quicky. I spoke to Robert this morning and asked him to come along to fish for rainbows. An appointment was made and this afternoon we headed out there together.
We both caught fish.
I hooked a nice 3 1/2lbs fish on on my point-fly (some kind of greenish damsely looking kind of thing) and soon after that Robert hooked and caught a nice fish on a small muddler.
After that we had a bit of rain but we saw fish cruising and rising to surface everywhere around us.
We soon found out that the water was covered with empty shucks and small  black flies were taking off or still being trapped in the surface.
We both quickly changed our leaders to fish with dries, because this situation called for midge-patterns which i had in my........
oh S@#!!!!! Left them at home, ready to go, because I knew I might just need them. Luckily I did have another dryfly box with me and with a bit of improvisation the two of us were fishing our first hatch of the year!
We both had fish coming up to our flies and off course I cleverly managed to miss most of them (somehow this always happens to me at the beginning of the season, just to bloody eager to catch,  guess...) and the one I actually did hook decided that my fly looked much better after it had straightened my hook. AGAIN!!! This happened to me yesterday as well. A different fly but anyway....

But... Robert did catch his first fish on a dryfly this year. You ask if he was happy? I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Funny how good a tiny bit of black dubbing and a hackle can make you feel, doesn't it?

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