Sunday, April 18, 2010

A warm welcome

I went fishing on a river somewhere in Germany....


...ok, ok, hold it. At times at can be very hard to find the right way to start a new entry but I decided to throw all the stylistic stuff aside and give you a quick look into the notes I make when I go here we go again:

-quick Rewind and Play-

...somewhere in Germany to start of the season and did this on a river I had not fished before. When I go exploring, I try to leave hopes of great catches at home. If you spend the majority off the day with the line on the reel and your flies in their boxes you can be pretty certain that you will stay far away from double figures and aching muscles. Usually I tend to "just go and see what happens". I will spare you the details about all the watching and walking and let my notes do the talking...

FF Diary
Date: Saturday April 17th

  Exploring. Lots off walking. Saw a lot of nice pools and ripples. Wading is allowed from may 1st. Bright blue skies, no wind and warm. Saw spinners (B.Rhodani) above the fast currents near the bridge were we parked around 1700h. Had a quick look in the pool and fast current upstream. Nothing. Back at the bridge apart from the spinners also small gray flies(midgy looking), and small duns in the water Baetis??? (edit: the flies later turned out to be Baetis muticus). Few fish rising in pool directly downstream. Fish still on nymphs. More fish rising in second pool downstream from bridge around 1800h. Caught four trout, and a very nice grayling and a couple of long distance releases. All on dries  fish caught/rises to: Spent spinner #16, Iron blue Dun#18(B.Muticus), Homebrew emerger#16/18 experiment(foambubble on the back, worked perfectly, Tie some more!!!), Zero rises to #14 Parachute B.Rhodani. Quit after the grayling around 1945h. Fish still rising!

So there you have it! My notes and here's a picture. Never mind my silly looks. I do this intentionally to make the fish look prettier....

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